From chemistry to alchemy.....and a whole lot more pleasure, happiness and fulfilment !

Jayne Jubb is a Yorkshire lass, from Leeds. Originally trained as a research chemist, Jayne worked for many years in Academic research in Guildford, Paris, Lausanne, Rome and Ottawa, where she ultimately held the post of Assistant Professor of Chemistry. During these travels she was able to indulge her love – and natural talent – for learning languages, and being in new cultures, so that she really gets immersed in the whole feel of the country.

It was during her PhD training that she came into contact with reiki and healing, and between her Rome and Ottawa posts she decided to pursue something she’d wanted to do for years – a massage diploma. It was during the reiki and massage sessions that she discovered more of her own natural talents. She began to see, hear and feel things about the people she was working with that she had not been told, but which were spot on for what was occurring (or had occurred) in their lives.

In 1994 she came to work in Amsterdam for Shell. After 3 years there and a lengthy bout of glandular fever, she realised that company life and politics were not for her, so resigned to work full-time for herself in her own healing practice, which she’d already had on the side since her massage diploma. In order to expand and deepen her skills, and add to the experience she had already acquired thorugh various courses, she enrolled on the Barbara Brennan Healing Science course in 1998. This necessitated travelling backwards & forwards to the USA 5 times a year for the 4 year duration of the course. The Brennan Healing Science method of working brings together the energetic and psychological sides of any problem or illness, so that the whole “problem” is looked at from all aspects. It is truly transformational and life changing.

She is currently really spanning both the worlds of science and energy work by doing a Research Masters Degree in Neuroscience. This allows her to have a foot in both of her passions, each being an inspiration for the other.

Jayne’s clientele consist of people with a wide ranging variety of complaints (illness, ailments, problems, stress) as well those who come for their own personal growth and development. She works directly with the person's energy field (aura) in order to find out where the dis-balance has arisen and each session is personally tailored to the individual client. Many aspects of natural and complementary medicine are combined so that the whole person is treated rather than an isolated body part. Her strengths lie in being able to "see" and "feel" where the originating problem lies, and to be able to guide the person through that with dedication, warmth, enthusiasm, humour and insight.

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